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Cornerstone First Mortgage Company in Washington DC

Cornerstone First Financial is a non-affiliated Christian mortgage company founded in 1997 and licensed to originate loans in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Florida, West Virginia, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Its president, Mark C. Livingstone, has more than fourteen years experience in the mortgage industry and has been the recipient of a number of mortgage industry awards and accolades for his professionalism and experience. He is also a member of the Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers, the Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department, Better Business Bureau, and National Association of Mortgage Brokers. Borrowers can be assured that Mark and his staff will handle your loan personally and offer you unparalleled customer service all through your loan process.

Mark Livingstone with Pastor Lon Solomon on top of Massada
Fall 2003
Mark Livingstone with President G.W. Bush
Summer 2003


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