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#JFRS: John Fredericks Says “Rates are So Low Right Now! Buying a Home is Cheaper than Rent!”


We’re still so thrilled about our sponsorship on The John Fredericks Radio Network!




“If your New Year Resolution is to buy a home listen up! Housing affordability is at a record high. Right now, it’s cheaper to buy a home than rent. That’s right, with the historically low-interest rates and the low-down-payment options, experts say it is 30% cheaper to buy a home than throw your money away in rental payments. Furthermore, with the limited inventory, experts are predicting the Spring housing market will start this month! Let Mark Livingstone of Cornerstone First Financial help you with your next home mortgage loan for a purchase or refinance. Call Mark at (866) 625-1221 for a free no-obligation rate quote today.



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