Cornerstone First was a HUGE help!

Cornerstone First Financial was a HUGE help to us in getting the refinance process completed. Doug Rice and his team were friendly, courteous, and really acted in our best interest. We ended up with cash out and were able to get a better overall deal on our mortgage. Everything worked out great and we got all we could have expected.

Tom Rabicki Jr.

Johanna Hit the Ground Running to Help Me Secure My Loan

Johanna hit the ground running to help me secure my loan. As a newly single mom, I was in a difficult situation related to a painful divorce, and time was of the essence in getting my refi/divorce buyout done (I literally had court proceedings looming over me if I did not accomplish the refi within a short time frame). Johanna was caring and compassionate. She didn’t judge my situation but got right to work on my loan, assuring me that she would do everything within her power to help me. We (along with her assistant, Emily) worked together beautifully as a team. When we hit daunting snags, I didn’t give up, and neither did she. Without God’s hand in the process and Johanna’s calm, steady demeanor, my refi perhaps never would’ve gone through and my sons and I probably would’ve lost our home. I cannot express how thankful I am that I was led to work with Cornerstone. I had heard their ads on local radio for years and finally made the call. When I was in need, they truly came through for me!

A. Smith

Explained Everything Clearly For my Cash-Out Refi

A friend recommended Cornerstone First Financial for a cash-out refi, and we’re so happy we took his suggestion! Mark and his team were superb professionals who explained everything clearly, kept us well informed every step of the way, and even went to bat for us with the lender when some issues with the appraisal popped up. An all around pleasant experience. I would use them again without question…but thanks to them, we probably won’t need to!

Roman H.

Amazing and Wonderful!

Everyone on The Cornerstone Team was amazing and wonderful to do business with. Thank you Cornerstone First!

Michelle E.

Closed On Time With The Best Service

Wonderful experience with Cornerstone First Financial. I would recommend this organization to anyone looking to get their loan closed on time with the best service.

L.G. Gonzalez

Cornerstone First Cares About Your Financial Well-Being

Cornerstone First Financial is more than just a lender, it is a company who cares just as much about your financial well-being as you do. I’ve never considered a private lender and only worked with large, well-known banks/credit unions. However, this was the best decision I made for my family.

What separates them from large financial institutions is they go above and beyond to get you the best rates, they are always available to discuss your loan, and they have financial experts who will dive into every detail of your closing statements.

I didn’t just get a loan officer, I got a personal, financial adviser who saved my family a lot of money. I had the same expert from the time I called until the day of closing when he showed up with a flower to give my wife as a housewarming gift.

We highly recommend working with Joe Rodgers if he is available. I was very impressed with how meticulous he was with every detail of the closing cost spreadsheet and mortgage payment information. There is no comparison, go with Cornerstone First!

Jeffrey D.

Johanna Made Herself Available 24/7

A huge thanks goes out to Johanna and the rest of her team. She answered all of my questions, and she made herself available 24/7.

Johanna definitely went the extra mile by not only coming to our closing, but she also gave my wife and me a “goodies” basket which came in handy on multiple occasions the first week in our new house.

Ian S.

Personal Touch Throughout The Entire Loan Process

Cornerstone First Financial is second none! With Cornerstone First, you get a personal touch throughout the entire loan process.

I had the pleasure of working with Kofi, he was able to get me a great loan at an unbelievable rate.

They are very responsive and accessible, unlike the bigger financial institutes.

I would highly recommend Cornerstone for your next loan.

Robert H.

Mark Helped Me Remove Private Mortgage Insurance When I Refinanced

Mark and the staff at Cornerstone were friendly, efficient, and made the process of refinancing easy.

I was able to refinance to lower my rate and also to remove my private mortgage insurance which saved me so much money.

I highly recommend Cornerstone if you’re looking for honest people who are willing to go the extra mile for you!

Emi Kei H.

Kofi Helped Me with a Great Loan at an Unbelievable Rate!

Cornerstone First Financial is second to none. With Cornerstone, you get a personal touch throughout the entire loan process.

I had the pleasure of working with Kofi, he was able to get me a great loan at an unbelievable rate. They are very responsive and accessible, unlike the bigger financial institutes.

I would highly recommend Cornerstone for your next loan.

Robert H.

Johanna was Amazing to Work With!

Johanna and the team at Cornerstone First Financial were amazing to work with.

They provided alternative options that we had not considered and were able to save us a considerable amount of money.

The process was simple and streamlined and we got it done in two weeks. You can’t go wrong with Cornerstone First.

Thank you!

Luke D.

They Did an Incredible Job Getting my Client’s Deal Closed

Cornerstone First Financial did an incredible job getting my client’s deal closed.

I am a realtor with Samson Properties and I represented the buyer, so it was important for us to work with a lender that could get a deal closed in 30 days. The seller had already had a deal fall through due to financing.

Cornerstone First Financial understood this from the beginning and did everything to make sure my clients stayed on track to close the deal.

I would highly recommend this lender to any real estate agents and their clients! Mark Livingstone was the loan officer we worked with.

Thank you!

Jonas M.

They Were Great at Guiding Us and Keeping Things on Track!

When you’ve got a VA loan, you want this to be the team that helps you navigate the quirks.

The team at Cornerstone First Financial was GREAT every step of the way in our closing process.

Mark and Emily sent us everything we needed in advance to help our closing process go smoothly. They’re extremely responsive and know their business and it helps that they are salt of the earth people who treat you like a person and not an account.

Closing on a home was stressful for us, as we did not know how/what to expect, but they were great at guiding us and keeping things on track.

Thank you!

Jenny R.

His Godly Values and Professionalism Was A Welcomed Treat

I was definitely pleased with the service I received from Cornerstone First Financial.

Mark Livingston’s integrity was first and foremost impressive for me as I look for that specific quality in those who I do any business with. He was honest (even if it meant accepting another offer) and his follow through was impeccable.

His godly values and professionalism was a welcomed treat and I would certainly recommend this company to others.

Geraldine D.

Our New Loan Was Funded Within 28 Days

Working with Cornerstone First was fantastic! The process was very streamlined from beginning to end and we closed and had our new loan was funded within 28 days of my first phone call with them.

Doug, Emily, Sarah, and the rest of the team are an excellent group to work with.

Saving about $570 a month on our mortgage is pretty sweet as well!

Scotty W.

Professional & Courteous

The guys at Cornerstone First are unbelievable! Professional, courteous and much to my liking extremely personable. Whenever large transactions are taking place, you should want to work with those who are relatable.

Griffin B.

They Explained Everything, Everytime, With a Smile!

Wow!!! Let’s just say I have talked with banks on my own and I even looked into Quicken Loans. My husband and I are self-employed which makes it a bit more of a process. The bigger banks didn’t take any time to get to know me or to look at my financial situation all they wanted to do was run a credit report and see what it came back as.

Raul took the time to explain to me the paperwork that I would need but I didn’t have yet and let me get a hold of those documents before we started into the mortgage process so we would not be held up. Raul took the time to determine what would be the best mortgage product for me and my family and thoroughly explained all of my options.

I called Raul at least once a day for about three weeks and each time he answered me and answer my same questions over and over again and was glad to do it.

If you are looking for honest person to be straight up with you, this is where you should go for your mortgage needs. I was never blindsided with anything Raul prepared me for everything that I needed.

I’m so happy with my new home and all thanks goes to Raul Blake!!!

Mariah W.

Highly Recommend!!!

I am very satisfied with the service provided. I did not know a thing about buying a house, they help me understand everything!! Highly recommend!!!

Maura L.

Painless, Quick and Smooth Process

Dear Doug and Emily,

What can I say, you guys are amazing! What a painless, quick, smooth process. You guys were top notch!

Thanks for all the advice Doug and thank you for all of your patience Emily! From beginning to end, this was a blessing.

Grateful to the Lord for directing us to you guys. May He bless y’all abundantly.

We will highly recommend you to others.

Eugene & Ginger B.

We Are Enjoying Our New House!

Dear Jason,

Thank you very much for what you did for us. We are enjoying our new house. God bless you, your family and work!

Grace, Rocky, Nathan & Abbey

Fantastic Job On My Home Refinance

Doug Rice, and the Cornerstone First Financial team did a fantastic job with my recent home refinance, even though I was a dummy and started re-doing my kitchen right before the appraisal!

They stuck with me and were very patient while I worked things out with the appraiser, working with me to extend the loan closing date on very favorable terms.

Thank you very much!

Jared W.

Invaluable Assistance During The Whole Refinance Process

Dear Andy,

I wanted to thank you for your invaluable assistance during the whole refinance process. You went above and beyond to help me and made the whole experience pleasant and satisfying. I truly appreciate the professionalism and courtesy you displayed. Because of you, I will continue doing business with Cornerstone First and will recommend to friends and coworkers. Please give my thanks to Sarah Cantrell as well!

Thank you again,
Kelly & Courtney Ashley

Dream Of Home Ownership

Dear Billy,

I want to take this opportunity during the holidays to thank you for all you did this year to help me realize my dream of home ownership. I have loved every minute of it and working with you was a true pleasure! I believe I am the happiest homeowner Nokesville, VA has seen in recent history!

Happy holidays, God bless and Thank you!

Matt Capriglians

A Huge Burden Has Been Lifted

Dear Cindy,

We just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us. A huge burden has been lifted and we are very grateful. Please don’t hesitate call us if we can ever do anything for you!

God bless you and your family!
Steve & Charlene

Thank You For Your Help!

Hi Jason,

Everything went well at the closing yesterday evening and I just wanted to say thanks for your help in making this refinance happen.

Neil Moodhe

Surprised and Pleased With The High Appraisal Value!

Hello Martine,

Thanks for responding. I’m doing quite well and hope you are too. You also are a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to refer you to anyone who’s interested in either acquiring a first mortgage or refinancing.  

When I first talked with you, I got the feeling you were honest and up-front with what to expect. But why not, you are a Christian, and that’s why I selected Cornerstone First Financial.

I was quite pleased with the appraisal value, and wasn’t even aware that the value was that high, for which I thank the Lord.  There isn’t anything more I’d want you to do about it.  Thanks very much; and you take care.  I’ll definitely keep you in mind for any future home financing needs.

Lynette Nurse

You Made More Than Just A Financial Impact

Dear Kelly and Mr. Livingstone:

I had to write to thank you for your most generous offer and your persistence in assisting my family with the refinance. I wanted you to know that often we go everyday praying that we can touch someone, but sometimes never really realize the impact we made.

Recently, my 20-year old son was feeling frustrated and discouraged about the state of the world as it portrayed on the news, television programs and movies. He knows the truth and that God is in control, but he said that it is just hard not to look at all of that and not feel down and wonder where are all the good people doing good things in the world.

I reminded him who the prince of the power of air is and that it is his goal to “report” that we are lost and fallen beyond repair. After you called this evening, I told my whole family what you offered to do and they were all very grateful and blessed. My son said, you were right Mom, there still are people doing good things I guess you just have to really look for them. Sorry to ramble on, just wanted to know that you made more than just a financial impact.

May God bless you abundantly above and beyond what you ask, think or imagine.
The Ford Family

Awesome Customer Service!

Awesome customer service & a great team of really good people who genuinely care about helping their customers get the best possible mortgage!

Thank you!

Ellie R.

A 15 Day Turnaround and Cash To Fix Up My House!

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you so much for your recommendation to refinance and absolute ease with which you accomplished it. I had many questions; each promptly & Professionally addressed and resolved. The interest rate options, ARM, interest only…blah blah – you clearly defined and explained each one and I believe you provided a fair and much improved interest rate! On top of all that CASH to fix up my house!

In less than 15 days!! In short, you were awesome both professionally and personally – no small feat in my eyes! I will highly recommend you and your company in the future.

Allyson Adams

Very Compassionate and Accessible!

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry this is overdue, but we wanted to thank you for the wonderful service and help you gave us with our refinancing. The route we had to take was unfortunate, but in a years time hopefully we can make it work more to our advantage!

You helped to make everything comfortable for us and understandable. You were a blessing to us throughout this whole process, you were always accessible and replied back in a quick manner too. Not to mention your fantastic personality and your compassion.

Well…You were not so accessible when you went to Israel, but Mark was great to work with too!! Hope you had a great time there!

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you next year with better rates and better credit scores!

George & Nikki Holton

A Real Kindred Spirit


From the moment I talked with you, I felt a spiritual bond that was real. There was, and is a kindred spirit with us and I truly cherish that.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for what you (through God’s power) have done for us. One year ago, we thought we would be renting for years to come because of our credit history. Thanks to you, we own a home!

I believe God has placed you here for such a time as this, and he continues to use you in awesome ways.

God bless you. Angela says “Thanks” as well.
Talk to you soon!

Pastor, Mike Outler

I’m Paying Less Mortgage Than My Original Loan


God bless you.  Thanks so much for checking in.  I was just thinking about you this morning.  Everything is fine.  I am paying less mortgage than the original loan.  It is locked in for two years and I really intend to have a better credit rating by the end of two years.  I know all things work through God, but I can’t thank you and Cornerstone First enough.  It is such a blessing and through this I have been able to bless others.

Thanks again,
Carolyn J. Williams

Positive Support Throughout The Entire Loan Process

Dear Nina,

Please pardon this delayed response but accept our thanks and appreciation for your hard work. Thank you for helping us turn a dream into a reality!

We sincerely appreciate your kindness and positive support through the loan process. You really make it much less of a headache than we imagined. In fact, you make it seem easy!
We wish you much success as you continue to provide wonderful service.

Adam & Samantha Lewandowski

You Deliver Commendable Service

Dear Sis. Barbara, Bro. Mark, Sis. Emily & Bro. Vince,

It was a great pleasure getting to know all of you and working with you in putting every effort into finding us a a roof over our heads, which we can eventually call our home.

We are thankful to God that we found the right people at the perfect time when picking service providers. Your business to us is not ‘Touch & Go’ business at all.

You have touched the lives of your clients including ours, as you have shown to us your care and concerns for issues that arose during and after the process of delivering your commendable services.

We will stay in touch with you and pray that God will continue to use you for His kingdom expansion.

May God richly bless you all!

In Christ,
Pau & Sui

Outstanding Integrity!

Hello Mark,

I went to closing today on my FHA Streamline refinance. Joe Rogers was my loan officer and he handled my case with outstanding integrity and was very courteous at all times. As one who has had experience working with loan officers in the past, both as a private citizen and as a Realtor, I have learned to recognize quality. I am very impressed with Cornerstone First Financial and will be referring more clients to Joe. I also appreciate the fact that yours is a Christian-owned and operated business.

Sharon Powers

Always Optimistic!

Dear Elizabeth,

Well, better late than never I figured, so here comes the card I should have sent a month ago. So, I really want to say thank THANK YOU for all your assistance and perseverance with my mortgage. I know it was frustrating at times so I especially appreciate you always staying so sweet and optimistic.

It meant a lot & calmed me when I was panicking! I wish you all the best and hope our paths will cross again soon.



Made My Dream A Reality!

Dear Joe,

You did not give up and you made my dream a reality. Thank you for your persistence and getting the closure of the house accomplished. I’m grateful for everything you did!


Mark Livingstone and His Team Provide Superior Customer Service!

Customer service is superior. Cornerstone First takes the time and offers genuine care when explaining your options.

With the help of Mark Livingstone, I secured a 3.75 Fixed 30-Year. I don’t think I will ever need to refi, but if the opportunity ever arises again, I will definitely be working with Mark Livingstone and his professional team at Cornerstone First Financial!

Thank you!

Cristina H.

Professional Organization!

WOW! You are to be commended for such a professional organization in Cornerstone First Financial. Our refinance with Emily handling everything went without a hitch and we are so grateful for the service she provided. She’s such a gem! We’ll call and gladly refer you!

Paul and Carol Thompson

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