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Chris Plante: “If They Can’t Do Your Loan, No One Can!”



Are you thinking about buying a new home, saving money by refinancing, or consolidating debt but your credit score isn’t really where it should be? If so, take some advice from Chris Plante and call Mark Livingstone at Cornerstone First Financial!

If you don’t have a credit score of 680 or higher, the big banks and quick online mortgage firms, really won’t try to work with you, but with the rising interest rates, banks are making less money and now loosening guidelines to compete for your business much more aggressively!

Even if you’ve been turned down before, you may qualify for a purchase or refinance, or may be able to use the appreciation of your home as an ATM with a credit score as low as 560!

Chris Plante says: “I can confidently say, if Cornerstone First Financial can’t do your loan, then no one can!”. So, even if you’ve been turned down before you may qualify for a purchase or refinance even with a credit score as low as a 560!​   That’s right, 560! Call Mark Livingstone today at 202-625-1221.

As a lender and mortgage broker, Cornerstone First Financial has the resources available to help you with your mortgage loan needs. Call Cornerstone First now at 202-625-1221 for the absolute lowest rate guaranteed or complete the form below to contact us today: