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Embrace Change By Mark Livingstone

After 16 wonderful years with the Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department in Bethesda, I have recently made the decision to join the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department.

I’ve been the Monday night Sergeant at Cabin John VD for many years and I have also served different capacities on the B.O.D including Treasurer for the eight years.
I have quickly been signed off as Officer on the ambulance, as well as driver and am now focusing my attention on passing the Rockville test to ride 3rd on the wagon.

At RVFD, the calls we run each week are so different and utilize your knowledge of the wagon as well as your skillset and common sense. It is what I imagine riding in an urban setting is like.

At my previous house, there had to be a minimum of two volunteers as career personnel would regularly staff the other spots of the apparatus, therefore, I was regularly relegated to the ambulance.

At RVFD, it is a true volunteer house with minimum staffing of fifteen in order to get the apparatus out the door. You have members in their early twenties driving the heavy apparatus and there is a camaraderie that is unparalleled.

RVFD is the third busiest house in Montgomery County and night hasn’t gone by without running a minimum of three calls.

Firefighting is a young man’s game and I don’t have many years left throwing ladders, humping hose, waking up at all hours of the night, and carrying my gear. I am extremely happy with the decision I’ve made to grow in my passion, expand my skill set, make new friends, and of course serve the community of Rockville, MD.

I hope my experience can help other firefighters. Although a bittersweet transition, joining Rockville Volunteer Fire Department has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

To all my brothers and sisters in firefighting…I say EMBRACE CHANGE! Here’s to a safe and splendid 2019!

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