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WMAL Larry O’ Connor: “For the First Time in Recorded History, 30-Year Fixed Rate is in the 2%s”



Larry O’ Conner shares his experience on the closing of his new home and his mortgage loan Cornerstone First Financial with his WMAL Listeners:

“My home purchase was such a great experience with Cornerstone First Financial! I turned to Mark Livingstone and the incredible team at Cornerstone First Financial, and should do the same! This is not the easiest time…whether you’re purchasing a home or refinancing, you need an expert team that knows the mortgage market! As a mortgage lender and broker, Cornerstone First has emerged as a leader in the mortgage arena. Gone are the days of sitting on Google finding the lowest rate and then just clicking through an application. No, you need a professional company to educate you through the process, and I highly recommend Mark Livingstone and his team at Cornerstone First Financial. You can trust them! They educated me on guidelines, programs, rates, and pricing. Rates are in 2%s for a 30-year fixed-rate right now…for the first time ever in recorded history, you can get a 30-year fixed in the 2s!!! Call Cornerstone First and have them put your home’s value to work for you right now! Call Mark Livingstone today at Cornerstone First!” ~ Larry O’ Connor – WMAL

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