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Did You Know? Cash-out Refinance and Home Purchase



Did you know that 85% of people looking to purchase a home call a real estate agent prior to getting approved for a mortgage? That’s like buying a car without a driver’s license, it just doesn’t make sense!

Give Cornerstone First a call today to get pre-qualified for your home purchase. We are the preferred lender for first-time home buyers and have an impressive record of getting clients to settlement on time, as well as pairing buyers with qualified, expert real estate agents!

“Also, did you know that home prices are at levels not seen since 2006 with pockets in the Baltimore-Washington area that have seen a 15% rise in value just this year! If you’re one of the many who have tried to refinance but were told there wasn’t enough equity in your home or would like to take cash out for any reason from your home’s equity, call us today at 202-625-1221.”

Call Cornerstone First now 202-625-1221 for the absolute lowest rate guaranteed or complete the form below to contact us today: