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Fire Safety: Your Family is Counting on You

Although no one wants to contemplate a cherished home being destroyed by fire, it’s an important topic to address — with emphasis on prevention and preparation.

A home free from fire hazards. Fire prevention is the first priority. Never allow flammable materials to be stored near heat sources such as water heaters, furnaces, fireplaces and stoves. When cooking, keep kitchen towels and hot pads away from the stove. Use a kitchen timer to remind you when foods are ready. Don’t run electrical cords under rugs. Don’t overload extension cords or outlets. Never use a grill inside a home.

Second line of defense: Working smoke detectors. Working smoke detectors should be installed in every sleeping room of the house and at key points within common areas. They should be systemic, meaning that if one goes off, they all go off. Test smoke alarm batteries monthly. Replace batteries twice per year, and replace detectors that are more than ten years old. More than half the home fire deaths in the United States occur in homes with no smoke detectors or no working smoke detectors. Another key piece of equipment to have is a fire extinguisher, especially in the kitchen.

Creating a plan. Use graph paper and draw your home’s floor plan to scale. Include every window and door. Then, for each room of the house, choose two means of escape. Go over the plan in detail with the family. Teach every family member their escape routes. Have flashlights available throughout the house since a fire at night can knock out electricity and fill the house with smoke. Having quick access to a cell phone can be critical in notifying authorities. Everyone should be taught to escape by crawling on the floor to avoid breathing in smoke. Another item to have is a home fire escape ladder, one for every upstairs bedroom. Finally, agree upon a place to meet outside of the home in the event of a fire.

Practicing your plan. With your safety plan in place and all the tools you need, fire safety experts recommend rehearsing the plan as if a real fire were burning in the home.

Should disaster strike. In the event of a fire, keep calm and evacuate the house per your plan. Call 911, state your name and address. Tell them you are evacuating and whether all family members have been accounted for outside the home.

Smart evacuation. Before escaping through a closed door, touch the door and the handle with the back of your hand. If they are warm or hot to the touch, then fire is on the other side of the door and a second escape route should be used. Everyone should also know the “stop-drop-and-roll” technique for putting out fire should their clothes ignite. Finally, once you are out of the house, never go back in. If a family member or pet remains inside, tell the fire crew. They are trained and equipped to rescue people and pets.


About Firefighters Helping Firefighters:

Mark Livingstone and Nick Badalian embrace the brotherhood of firefighters. They have served their community in their careers as firefighters and real estate and financial professionals…and do their best to take care of their own!

With over 35 years of combined firefighting service to the community, both Mark Livingstone and Nick Badalian follow the credo of firefighters helping firefighters and have created an exclusive opportunity for Firefighters, First Responders and Law Enforcement to purchase and finance real estate.

There are no membership or program fees.

This is a simple give back program to our community’s Firefighters, First Responders and Law Enforcement. When you work with Mark and Nick, you’ll receive 20% of commission fees when you purchase a home with Realtor® Nick Badalian at Fathom Realty and receive $750 from Mark Livingstone when you close on a loan with Cornerstone First!

Contact Nick and Mark below to learn more about this incredible Firefighter Helping Firefighters opportunity.

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Homebuying and mortgage financing can be a very challenging process. Let Nick and Mark help you through it all. Learn more about all your options and determine what you can afford, including how much you will need for a down payment. Nick and Mark want to serve you! They have your back through the entire process…plus you’ll save BIG when you work with Nick and Mark!

Firefighters Helping Firefighters
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